Poem – A RESTFUL MIND (By Joseph Cavera)

A RESTFUL MIND (By Joseph Cavera)


After so many days

Of laying one’s hands to work

One searches the many ways

That duties can be skipped and shirked



At these particular times

When the inside of one’s eyelids

Holds the more alluring of charms

Than the world around

We find ourselves searching

At distant grounds

For a place, far far away

Where we can slow the pace

And bestill the day


So we gather our graces

And toss in a brush

And head to those places

We deem to be lush


The price, we pray

For the trip it buys

Will diminish and delay

The exhaustion in our eyes


Hours are left

On a camel, bus, and plane

Post so many minutes bereft

We remaster the mundane


Delays, sidetrips, turns

The road stretches further out

Inside of us, something yearns

The sun shines all about

She rises, grows, and burns

Casting a shade of doubt


Soon we arrive,

The skies appear fair

We once again come alive

Into blueness we stare…

Although some peace we derive

Our journey never ends there


With rest comes malaise

That creeping undertone

It curtails our stays

As humans, we’re prone

To walk to where

The happiness awaits

Into her lair

The travel agent baits.


She knew she’d appease

After looking at me

That I’d feel at ease

Lying out by the sea


But hot sands

In foreign lands

Often lose their charm

My curly strands

Now withstand

The daily passing alarm


As it stands…


I’ll return my hands

To a land where bravery is sung of

And Freedom rings. Home.