Poem – FALL TONES (By Joseph Cavera)

FALL TONES (By Joseph Cavera)   A young lad awakes to cold on Sunday Stirring slowly, quakes to life his way His covers like lovers unravel above Another of is brothers leaving a shove   He sees the light peak through his door It glistens through the glass o’er The window that sits by Reflecting and resonating with Images of […]

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Poem – ANGEL (By Joseph Cavera)

ANGEL (By Joseph Cavera)   Run through the days Like kids on a beach All the ways, In life, is but a small breach Shines the light seeping out through that mask Which conceals a bravado façade Calling me to ask, Just why you smile…and nod At every quip I leave, When the easiest precepts Are impossible to conceive. So […]

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