Poem – ANGEL (By Joseph Cavera)

ANGEL (By Joseph Cavera)


Run through the days

Like kids on a beach

All the ways,

In life, is but a small breach

Shines the light seeping out through that mask

Which conceals a bravado façade

Calling me to ask,

Just why you smile…and nod

At every quip I leave,

When the easiest precepts

Are impossible to conceive.

So meander up God’s steps,

And into his chamber

Do not fear his fury

Impervious anger…

As I am sure he

Finds no cause

To rain thunder down,

His omnipotent claws

Form light into a crown

A halo of sorts

Not one I’ve known,

Until your mind retorts,

“Cant fathom all that’s shown…”

And the almighty begins to shake,

A Laugh which dwarfs all things

As The Alpha begins to take

Your soul to the clouds-

With Wings