Poem – Bitter Noise (By Chanacee Ruth-Killgore)


There are no words

To carry me through

This waiting conversation

But the silence is eager

Crying out

Filling the here and now


And what would words do

But scar the skin

That never quite seemed to fit

And stretch a distance

Already made great

Echoing bitter noise



Better to claim silence

Than banish tomorrow

By speaking today

The many words

That should remain unsaid


Author Bio:

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Chanacee Ruth-Killgore lives in East Tennessee with her husband, Michael, and their two wild and crazy pups, Wrigley and Arkkis Pond. She is a part-time, life-long student and a full-time wife, writer and book lover. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Franciscan University of Steubenville and will… finally… be awarded a Master’s Degree in May. She is author of the Alphabet Soup adventure-fantasy series for middle grade readers as well as the forthcoming Hart of the Smokies cozy mystery series. Facebook: Chanacee Ruth-Killgore, Writer & Publisher. Twitter: @ChanaceeRK or