Poem – BLACK PARADISE (By Joseph Cavera)

BLACK PARADISE (By Joseph Cavera)


A life begins at a simple stage

Like ink falling gently onto the fibers of a page

While it is true enough that we start with nil

The chapters of our lives will quickly fill

We have been brought into a mysterious world…


We stand swiftly, only to return to the ground

Mistakes are teachers that commonly confound

Why do these pains happen time and again?

I can’t seem to escape this imperfect fen!

But a hand from someone older stretches out in response…


Our Eyes widen as we stagger to our feet

Parents preach teachings which we quickly meet

Indeed they have passed once this way

They started with no more than we did, in their day

Was their world the same as ours?..


Love and Loss come and go

We become teachers ourselves before we know!

Searching for meaning, we pursue great heights

Both clouds and flames are within our sights

Our journey is what we make of it.


Approaching the last chapter, the ink soon dries

As we each fade, rain falls from our loved ones eyes

There is no after-party when our time is done

The Earth’s terrifying and grand exist as one

Just beyond the gates of our Black Paradise


(Dedicated to Joseph T. Loscalzo, RIP Papa)