Poem – Bucket List (By Abdulrahman Abuyaman)

Bucket List


before I expire,

i’d defy the laws of gravity, by

breastroking through the atmosphere,

upwards. i’ll then settle on the fluffiest of

the floating beds in the sky; sipping copiously

from my bottle of malta in high spirit. then

borrow from mr. eagle, his sharp lenses to

visualize the world from above in a new dimension.


before I cease to respire,

i’d orchestrate an imbalance on

nature’s law by stealing a dose of

chlorolplast from kingdom botanica. inject

it in my bloodstream to graduate to a

primary producer and gain my independence,

feeding wise. not minding the outcome of

my pigmentation.


before i finally retire,

i’d create and release a

hyper-contagious virus in the

global atmosphere. It disperses

with a lightning speed into respiratory

systems, inhaled subconsciously with O2

its effect is devastating. It brings out the good in

people and suppresses the antithesis.


Author Bio:

abdulrahman mohammed
Abdulrahman M Abu-yaman (b.1991) is a poet by nature and an amateur artist (caligrapher) by second nature. A collector of autobiography, and a student of fashion. He follows sports and supports Chelsea FC. He participated at the Abuja Literary Society Poetry Slam 2016. His poems have appeared in London Grip, Kalahari Reviews, Tuck Magazine, Brittle Paper, and forthcoming in Asian Signature to be featured as a contemporary world poet. He tweets @abuu_yaman