Poem – Early Morning, Tucson Foothills (By Lee Marc Stein)


Early Morning, Tucson Foothills


Shadows jag over rock and cactus

playing tag with the rising sun,

nature’s Rorschach asking me

what these immense ink blots mean.

This one’s the boogeyman

scaring/scarring my daughter,

that one’s a tarp smothering

moist green fields of my youth,

the one crest high a black stallion

galloping away with loved ones’ years.


I focus my eyes on patches of light

knowing they’re yoked to the shadows.


Lee Marc Stein


Lee Marc Stein


Lee Marc Stein is a retired direct marketing consultant living in East Setauket, New York. His poems have been published in Blast Furnace, Blue & Yellow Dog, Blue Lake Review, Message in a Bottle, Miller’s Pond Poetry, River Poets Journal, Slow Trains Journal, Still Crazy, Subliminal Interiors, Write Place at the Write Time and The Write Room. His first book of poetry, Whispers in the Galleries, features ekphrastic poems.

Lee has had short stories published in Bartleby Snopes, nicollsroad, Write Place at the Write Time, Cynic Online, and Down in the Dirt. He leads workshops at Stony Brook University’s Lifelong Learning program on modern masters of the novel.