Poem – FALL TONES (By Joseph Cavera)

FALL TONES (By Joseph Cavera)


A young lad awakes to cold on Sunday

Stirring slowly, quakes to life his way

His covers like lovers unravel above

Another of is brothers leaving a shove


He sees the light peak through his door

It glistens through the glass o’er

The window that sits by

Reflecting and resonating with

Images of white sky


The bells resound now, ephermal tones

Up past the ground, through his bones

Fall days are coming to pass

Periods unique from the past

He recalls these days from years last

Like a soothing smile from a cute lass


Mild warmth from morning tea

Only source of heat for he

Mellow days would soon be

But first a chore, he wasn’t free

On the lord’s day he worked till three


His task is brief for his age

Terrier of the black, and white

In his pack the news page

Offered to everyone in sight


His return to home, family near

His familiar footsteps easy to hear

“Brother brother aren’t you cold?

Of your leaving you never told


Why not rest this Sunday morn

In the sheets where it is warm?”

A smile swept over the young lad’s face

“I had went out to the world

To spread news of both joy and strife

In so I earn my keep

In exchange for my life”


It was immediate, as just when

He heard ticks of timely rings

Which move and dictate all things

He envisioned a life that never stings

Where he’d one day rise up with wings

But for that moment, just then

The bells began to ring again