Poem – Finding a Traveling Partner (By David Hernandez)

Finding a Traveling Partner


Two suitcases with wheels,

packed with clothes needed for a week,

rolled through the driveway,

enter my RV class B.

Before the key starts the ignition,

I make sure to not forget

my travelling accessories.


In the passenger seat,

my bobble head figurine shakes its head in agreement

that I have a picture of someone to meet in Florida,

a statue of two lovers to give her,

a stuffed bear to talk too,

my teacup Chihuahua to play with,

this one RV to provide shelter,

and a gun to provide protection.


If I can’t find her drifting in the streets,

looking for a home, or on the radio,

the picture I have will take her place.


This will cleanse me

of this desperate search

for someone who may

or may not love me.