Poem – Heartless at the Checkout Line (By Frank De Canio)

Heartless at the Checkout Line

“I’d never take my anger out on you,”
she said, when I remarked she looked so piqued
I had the inclination to skidoo.
As someone who desired her, I freaked
out at the dewdrops missing from her ears,
the stern configuration of her lips,
her strident voice and mortifying leers.
Since these impediments did not eclipse
my longing, they enhanced the rankling sense
of rupture from the ego that seemed dear
to me. Indeed, my zeal had grown intense
enough, she had no reason to cashier
me, or to “take my anger out on you.”
A policy position I would rue.


Author Bio: Frank De Canio

I was born & bred in New Jersey, work in New York. I love music of all kinds, from Bach to Dory Previn, Amy Beach to Amy Winehouse, World Music, Latin, opera. Shakespeare is my consolation, writing my hobby. I like Dylan Thomas, Keats, Wallace Stevens, Frost , Ginsburg, and Sylvia Plath.