Poem – IN THE BRUSH (By Joseph Cavera)

IN THE BRUSH (By Joseph Cavera)


In to out is unearthed and free

description, encryption form friction

as fiction is subdivided into purest



Silver screens form the veil that shrouds

as memories and processes slowly deride

senses that tried to confide

hazy screams and dreamy clouds


Sometimes we create our own destruction

the fabrications we devise lie shattered before us

as we kneel to collect the artificial shards

we rend our arms, and expel our blood

promoting inimitability


The edge lies further out from here

In shattered, tattered spaces

adenosinetriphosphate comes to go

finishing tall from roots below

adrenaline provides a rush,

sprouting akin’s a rising kush,

beyond the murmurs and the blades

plumage spreads while fire fades

as we rummage around

In the Brush


The Deeper jungles await

As dark hearts prove to sedate,

the innocence lost

the paths you’ve crossed

and the laughs you’ve tossed




Continue on through the trees

follow the light out,

discover your tide

on the other side

as your toes touch foot deep in

eternal seas