Poem – LAND OF POETRY (By Joseph Cavera)

LAND OF POETRY (By Joseph Cavera)


Today we sit here in this world

Of speeches, media, and flags unfurled

Some who live see the green and blue

While others peer over a grayer hue

For those who are felicitous- want a spin?

And you who are not, follow me in…


We’re traveling to a familiar place,

Which can only certainly have a face

When viewed through the eyes

Of your inner child, capable of surprise

And It’s white nostalgia we’ll spurn

At every little twist and turn.


As we enter these new lands,

I should remind you, to keep those hands

Inside thee, and before you realize what you see,

you’ll gaze upon

a land of written symphony


this realm’s surely diversified

with reds, yellows, and greens

containing remnants of days diversified-

old signs, sun, and screens


First revealed are the many reds,

Desserts and Deserts spin our heads,

Vermillion Space, and Amber skies,

Magenta tongues and charcoaled fries

It doesn’t have to make sense you see?

We’ve taken another step into familiar calligraphy.


Even more lush, and rich, and full

This dimension’s kush holds a lull

Which brings no strife or lesser toll

And spring to life this ecosystemic whole-

If only there were one….


One step too many, we find ourselves lost!

In a smoking environment of endless exhaust.

Machines, skyscrapers….an angry boss

Walking..walking..i’m at a loss

Until the next stretch brings day its light-

It seems we’ve escaped the City of Perpetual Night


Now the winds blow salty air

Which dance and flow right through your hair

I’d see a sea, but this foggy shore

Only shows a soggy floor

Alas the decks stretch on for miles

While we walk, we approach the Sandy Isles


Dark decks and coastal nauts

Lead us now to bluer thoughts

Something’s missing here…

It’s lacking tones

Do not fear

The deeper zones


If Your legs grow weary

And your face too teary

From this place so dreary

I tell you- the skies eventually end.

And the Final Area we see

Is a place…of kings



Haha, so be it!

These Radiant halls form the very core

Of all we’ve seen- and so much more.

The king and the prince lead us to court,

As we peer upon letters reading IGANAMORT

Which with grains and shields cover their fort

And protect the walling from falling down

Upon the noble, singing crown



We’ve laughed

We’ve cried

And met the crown,

Now its time that we skipped town!


All the rest of this world too

Lies in the imagination of people like you.

I cannot dream of a world like ours,

Where life springs like a tree-

Freedom Reigns and Pens fly

Here, in the Land of Poetry.