Poem – LETTING GO (By Joseph Cavera)

LETTING GO (By Joseph Cavera)


There I was, just standing there, when what I wanted to do was forbidden- by law, no less. The opportunity was there, lying before me, in an instance I would not be graced with again. I was alone, for the moment, and all lights seemed to cease flickering and watch my every motion. The very structures which appeared to my left and right tilted slightly, as if to see if I would let go of myself, and place a fragment of my corporeal self into a zone the likes of which I had only heard about in those terrible, trifling shows with shining luminaries, and screams of varied frequencies.

And yet…

As I’ve stood here mentally yammering away, I must confess myself finished. At a material equilibrium….Empty, but now fearful. The physical being, satisfied, sees only darkness- the mental state would follow suit. Zipping myself back up, I smiled, and walked away.