Poem – LOST (By Joseph Cavera)

LOST (By Joseph Cavera)


when the wist of man to see

the brightest days and nights

the flares and roses that flame free

humanity looks to these sights

the ages and ages that lay within

universe and space which is all

the eternal burning, longevic din

lights ephermally, bring the stall

of life and sight to eyes that seek

vermilion proses, and near me nil

the bonds which tie me, coldly still

turn us slowly, Coriolis aside

leave before, the constant tide

who revives the Earth, her natural pride.

And genesis through the foamy shores

implies a pulse which she adores

crimson aloe from within

the layers and layers grow weary-

thin are the options left to the Day

where these passions will duly lay

If my clever would prove to endeavor

I’ll yet remain still; find peace….