Poem – LUMINOUS MOON IN US (By Joseph Cavera)

LUMINOUS MOON IN US (By Joseph Cavera)


Once erected, now dejected lies Earth in downcast flumes

Breaking apart but not dissected, she spouts deluging plumes

This rock, once a vast collection of life, waits at certain latitudes

The organisms who inhabited it had greater issues than poor attitudes

Among the remnants of humanity, lies scrap, as anarchy rules

Steel scattered across the continents were, from days long past, our tools

This desolate world of machinery torn asunder, rusted sprockets and fuses

Half this countryside is comprised of junk no one uses!

Littered about are those whose minds have fled, the Loons

The collectors, prospectors, scavengers- sift through chemical dunes

And yet in labs tucked away, just out of view

We chip away at a solution, alas we are few

The data we accrue, we pray will assist us soon

As we work hard to revive this world, by utilizing the energy of

The Moon.