Poem – Removal (By Michael Roeder)

A new rising falls giving way to complete urgency of the now and gives glorious rise to the future. Pale towers of sheer strength tremble with the force of a billion suns give exuberant exultation to the oceans of the natural world while the spiritual converges into an apex of one fantastic singularity.

No bigger than the smallest particle while being larger than a trillion universes lying on a beach resembling a grain of sand. The mighty and the shallow unite into a consciousness, breathing and dying, awake and asleep all at the same time.

A singularity existing for no one and for everyone locked outside our minds now holds the key with the removal of a label.


Michael T. Roeder is the youngest of three children in a working family and has lived in New York all his life, growing up in Queens, moving to Yonkers and then the Bronx; during which time he gained his bachelors degree in creative writing as well as certifications in multimedia, web and graphic design. He’s done work for various nonprofit organizations and published his first book in 2008. Mike presently resides in New York City where he continues to pursue his interests in writing and photography. One of his greatest goals for his work is to encourage and inspire new perspectives.