Poem – Restless in holidays (By Narges Rothermel)

Restless in holidays


Trace of white frost on green grass,

red ribbons on the fences,

menorahs on the lawns,

red, green, and silver lights on pine trees

manmade icicles on front eaves

It is that time of the year again.


Boxed ornaments welcome

their short-lived freedom

while hang on branches of indoor pines.


Decorated shop-fronts invite

window-shoppers in,

determent fearless crowd hustle

in glittered malls.


December, 14th      

Sandy hook school massacre

etched on calendar of memories

scenes of recent bloodshed

fresh in the minds,

cycles of revenge, counter revenge,

and more killings on the way

Gift-lists have opened room for the Guns.


Tired of wrestling with a monster named Fear,

I keep losing myself in chaotic world of today.

Even at this festive time,

finding Peace seems to be just a fantasy.


Trying to see true meaning of the season,

looking to find refuge in holidays-music.


When The Silent Night,

makes its way to my head, it calms my restless mind

for a minute or two, I escape from fangs of Fear,

Sit under the lit tree, close my eyes

and I pray for silence of the guns.