Poem – ROARING SUN (By Joseph Cavera)

ROARING SUN (By Joseph Cavera)


Endless are the days that begin again
my tredging and dredging
across the plains within planes
through the tall grass and beyond
green scenes and misty screens
front the path to
the distant shores

Held within are the
Tides so free
which confide to me
the planet’s raring flow
while blacker waves
make incredible saves
as they shatter my status quo

with stanzas like Tony Danzas-
rock and rhythm at ninety-five degrees
in this heat my days shall never freeze
I’ll sooner see blackbirds flock near
than the returning of burning fear
and while the people sit out here
they’ll jest, and crack,
and drink all the beer

lazy days are soon to come
as trees blow gently aside
the verdance reigns, and
swallows soar in circles wide
in these days beneath the Roaring Sun~