Poem – rpm (By Abdulrahman M Abu-yaman)

rpm (rhetorical paradoxi-metaphorisis)

scleras, snow white
pupils, dilated.

brain box, sparking
incandescently. he asks

the physician: ‘tell me doctor,
what’s my malady?’ stares at

his sloppy zig-zag manuscript
and replies ‘rpm’. not comprehending,

he utters, ‘excuse me?’, physician expatiates:
‘rhetorical paradoxi-metaphorisis, a rare

cerebral disorder in which the forebrain
“wordyfactures” weird grandiloquent and

aesthetic phrases and clauses sub-
consciously, using unconventional axioms.’

‘any cure?’, patient inquires. ‘not that
i know of’ was the response. ‘doctor, is

this a gift or a curse?’, still inquisitive.
‘that depends on your usage’ he replies


Author Bio:

abdulrahman mohammed
Abdulrahman M Abu-yaman (b.1991) is a poet by nature and an amateur artist (caligrapher) by second nature. A collector of autobiography, and a student of fashion. He follows sports and supports Chelsea FC. He participated at the Abuja Literary Society Poetry Slam 2016. His poems have appeared in London Grip, Kalahari Reviews, Tuck Magazine, Brittle Paper, and forthcoming in Asian Signature to be featured as a contemporary world poet. He tweets @abuu_yaman