Poem – She Climaxed (By Agbaakin O. Jeremiah)

She Climaxed


she starts with a song.

suddenly, a dirge

too limp with grief,

like the skies in Pompeii.

it’s killed the birds in my heart,

ships stagger like a drunk,

into the white-blush of maddened waves.


the earth popped open

as an old wine bursts froth;

like a hungry lioness

she opened her jaws

separating families

with her parted loamy lips.

buildings crumbled into bread crumbs

broken streets sip blood cocktail

to mourn a bleeding city.


but I swear:

that was not the beginning.

her own children started the orgy

and now, yet they still drill her loins:

her fossil fluid is offered

as elixir for steel, wheeled Stallions,

their self-made birds have oily mouths;

factory plants are plaintive slaves

puffing foul breath across skies

like lepers farting on sacred ground.


the smarter ones erect outrageously-

skyscapers, storeys multi-some

on her parts too erogenous

to survive the upset.

that’s why she quakes

along the bowels of San Andreas or Java

where miners viciously enter her all day

carting away her pearls,

till she climaxes.


Author Bio:

Agbaakin O. Jeremiah, a NIGERIAN poet and campus Editor is a final year law student in University of Ibadan.

He won the maiden Ogidigbo Poetry Prize; and is a six-time runner-up of 2016 Briggite Poirson Poetry Contest.

He is featured/forthcoming on Sentinel Quarterly, Tuck Magazine, B.P.P.C (Loops of Hope) Anthology, Irawo Anthology, PIN Quarterly Journal, Kalahari, Praxis Magazine, Sub-Saharan Magazine, African Writer and elsewhere.