Poem – TECH SUPPORT (By Frank De Canio)

Tech Support – By Frank De Canio

She might as well have borne them on her back,

when she tapped into my computer files

with all of the autonomy I’d lack –

while subject to the technologic wiles

she flashed. For her apparent probing hand

brushed over them so she could take a look.

It seemed my documents served her command,

and all its content was an open book,

while I just sat in silence starry-eyed.

Her ranging finger almost scratched my face

when, pausing at my journal in its stride,

she calmly managed to get in my space.

But I protested with a feeble laugh

that I did not want private files explored.

Nor were they guardians on my behalf

that I consented to have thus aboard

as tech support. But not to give her guff,

I pondered that sometimes a parent’s rough.



Frank De Canio Bio: I was born & bred in New Jersey, work in New York. I love music of all kinds, from Bach to Dory Previn, Amy Beach to Amy Winehouse, World Music, Latin, opera. Shakespeare is my consolation, writing my hobby. I like Dylan Thomas, Keats, Wallace Stevens, Frost , Ginsburg, and Sylvia Plath.