From the new, fly the old

Species and spaces, forever fold

into the zone of Daphne’s trees

little finches none the wiser

progression cannot freeze


of course…


They rang the tones of this old show

years and years and years ago

then old ships came to her feet

and a young man came to know

that its all so relative, this flow

and where these pieces fit and go

are where the capacities sit the finest

in the arms of every age,

new actors come to dance on Earth’s stage.


And its all a stage.

where piercing rays of seeking light

Breathe change into all the strains in sight,

into the Blues soaring up above,

blow the winds which held aloft

Darwin’s propitious mental glove


So now, this pair attempts to continue his work

They run across her now, in our years

Like children on a beach

exploiting the value

of this Biosphere’s inimitable breach,

to a concept as complex as

the islands were many


Where Daphne and Darwin did congregate,

history can merely conjecture,

but the progression was found-

its not so simple you see

for unlike the ripples you can’t create me

tear it down and start again,

with blueprints, stats, anatomy

the single criterion is not set,

for it’s ever-changing aspect

leaves us to wonder,

what he did truly view on

the bow of his ship,

through the window of his office, and

from the shoulders of giant