Poem – The Blessing way (By Michael Ifeanyi Akuchie)

The Blessing way

many a time have I been told
that the way to God was one’s heart
& and that money has no place
in the kingdom of God.
I still wonder if the sight
that my dazed eyes witnessed
wasn’t enough for me to turn myself
into the heart of thr devil
because I saw a preacher
glueing lies with some truth
to piece a fantastic story that lured money out from the pockets of
miracle seekers

the blessing way is supposed
to be the path that only those with faith
tied firmly to their souls can tread
& not by pacifying a God that doesn’t need
money which a scheming preacher asks for
with hunger and want pulling the strings of a supposed man of God.


Author Bio:

Michael Ifeanyi Akuchie is a student and an avid lover of the arts. His works have appeared in local literary magazines and he thinks its time to come out from the shadows. He loves silence,poetry and horror. He currently lives in Lagos,Nigeria.