Poem – The CPU of Your Soul (By Uduak Uwah)


Elevated above all the hungry kids

Scrambling for food like starving chicks


Is an innate black hole

The CPU of your soul


Seated majestically on a throne deep within

All the senses bring food like tributes to him


He gives orders to the organs

They bow at his feet for mercy like orphans

Pitiable slaves gullibly running errands


His disposition is largely a function of the tributes he receives

They form the nucleus of the errands he conceives


He’s is the kingdom, the power and the glory

Take care to feed your mind with what is holy

Or brace yourself for errands that are gory


Author Bio:

Uduak Uwah is an emerging Nigerian poet, lyricist and songwriter. He aims to convey life's/today's realities in simple and intriguing poetic language. Also known as whill, Uduak is currently working on his debut poetry collection "The Whole Truth". He has an archive of song demos and lyrics to his credit.