Poem – THE LINT LIMERICK (By Joseph Cavera)

THE LINT LIMERICK (By Joseph Cavera)


There once was a swordsman named Link

Who wore everything from light blue to pink

He unsheathed his sword

As he confronted a demon horde

Who beat him with clubs in a wink


Ganondorf was a man of Hyrule,

Who one day, challenged link to a duel

To the warriors surprise

He couldn’t believe his eyes

As he watched a pink Link ride in, on a mule


As the two were about to face off

One of them began to scoff,

“you look like a girl,

The pixies will surely hurl,

So go home, and for the love of God, take it off”


As Link rode home on his was way

Something began to lead him astray

He could believe neither eye

When he saw an elf lie

On the ground, in the middle of the day


First he saw one, then two, then four

Then he began seeing more and more

As he said, “hey bub”

They each pulled out a club

And beat him until their arms grew sore


While Ganondorf waited for Link,

He soon began to think,

“Where is that fool?

…probably washing his mule.”

And decided to pull out a drink


While although Link grew weak

And things began to look bleak

An ocarina he pulled

And a short tune he dulled

Which sent Link flying into next week