Poem – THE LOVE BUSINESS (By Joseph Cavera)

THE LOVE BUSINESS (By Joseph Cavera)


It’s never simple,

This business you, you know

Be it fading ripples

Ebb and flow

The rises and falls never cease

To come, and go


And yet…we persist

We press on with what we are

While the pain seems to insist

That reality shapes a scar

Not one we see or sense

But one in time, that

Fades away the innocence

Yet riles up something fresh.


The body and soul’s gears

Begin to catch

And while the old familiar tears

Seem to scratch

Our hearts and minds

With each passing day

Extend their reach

And to one another

We eagerly teach

Through the frost

And time spent on the ground

The love we’ve lost,

The passions we’ve found