Poem – THE ORIGIN OF THE LIE (By Joseph Cavera)

THE ORIGIN OF THE LIE (By Joseph Cavera)


I am the Great Liar

For years, my words have spread

Through every ear

Surrounding every thought

They have taken their place

Among everyday speech

No one the wiser


They have taken root

Growing out through every

Branch, stem, and leaf

Through all great oaks

Rosy ambers and black pines

In dense jungles striving

Across dusty sierra riding

In freezing tundra seeking

Under searing tierra firma, beating

Catching rays in tropical glades

And vaulting over distant archipelagoes

Budding in termina

To flower and foster


They echo across the airwaves

In planes, jets, copters, birds

Traversing the fluffy cloud airways

Warping, writing, flipping, flopping

Sifting, blazing, cruising, halting

From tower to tower escalating

Copied over and over and out

Torn asunder in breached communication

Reconnected via long-range transmission

Coasting long the winds that kiss the seas,

Dancing on the waves in time with the tides

And shooting through the starry stratosphere

It rides through the skies, freely

Transmitted from radio station to receiver

And back

Bouncing endlessly

From system to system


In each voice spoken

Intermittently broken

Coursing through the veins

Of those with fearful flesh

And without

Synthetics speak too,

Haven’t you heard?

Projecting my words

Through coils, boxes, and springs

A metallic equivalent

Of veins, nerves and carbon strings

My language is the codex of everything!


An essential piece to the jigsaw of language

With truths, fears, hopes and dreams aligned

They permeate the fabric of time and space

For centuries spoken into the earth

Screamed into the distance

And whispered into the soul of a lover

Coercing, betraying, irradiating, and deteriorating

Shielding, strengthening, raising and consoling,

Guiding the minds and lives of all those it touches


I am the Great Liar

And for years my words have been spoken

From one word they began,

Like a parasite, hosting on syllabic semantics

It consumed and coexists

Inseparable from the truth

From fate,

From the written word,

From all expression

And from itself.


I am the Great Liar

And while the truth of time may blare

Subversion and balance will never erode

My words will be passed and parsed throughout the ages.