Poem – To The One Who Desires To Be Me (By Frank Eze)

To The One Who Desires To Be Me

what life is left in me to be desired?
me, the wayward wing of
a brawny bluebird that lost
its grip on the tiptop of a fruit tree
fell flat on the heart of a wretched rock
where rains washed all traces of
its milky memories far far away

i live on the end of the world—the very edge,
where smiles are synthetically sunny
and suns rise each day razing all hopes;
where the sky wears the rainbow
as a lovely lip gloss in the morning,
takes a long lasting leak at night
leaving the earth a sodden bed;

i’m that child who lost his way,
that bird you saw without its wings,
the black baobab, lushless, leafless,
the worn well without water,
the house without a home,
i’m that love dying unrequited;

do not pray to be me beloved,
for i’m no better breed
than the faithful fairy you see
every morning in your mirror:
fresh flesh, bone, blood—divine dust,
basking in his borrowed breath.


Author Bio:

Frank Eze resides in Ibadan, Nigeria. His poem "IJE: I" was shortlisted for the annual Korea/Nigeria Poetry prize, 2016 edition. His poems have been published on 'Storried', 'COAL' 'WritiVision' and other online journals. Frank Eze is passionate about art, especially poetry.