Poem – Tomorrow Things (By Chanacee Ruth-Killgore)

Tomorrow Things


I have this list

Started long ago

Though I cannot recall when

The paper’s crumpled

Folded and stained

With edges torn and thin


From time to time

I pull it out

Allow my eyes to scan down through

Before I click my pen

And quickly

Scribble a new word or two


No lines mar

These precious words

Each item remains undone

Every story

Every adventure

Listed among the “never begun”


Then fold it carefully

No time to linger

And tuck it back away

Too much to be done

It’s an ever-hurried

Life we live today



Are my Tomorrow Things

Each one held quite dear

But time pushes

Days pass

Till gone’s another year


My list peeks out

I tuck it back

Determined to hurry on my way

Before I click my pen


Just one Tomorrow Thing today


~Chanacee Ruth-Killgore


Author Bio:

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Chanacee Ruth-Killgore lives in East Tennessee with her husband, Michael, and their two wild and crazy pups, Wrigley and Arkkis Pond. She is a part-time, life-long student and a full-time wife, writer and book lover. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Franciscan University of Steubenville and will… finally… be awarded a Master’s Degree in May. She is author of the Alphabet Soup adventure-fantasy series for middle grade readers as well as the forthcoming Hart of the Smokies cozy mystery series. Facebook: Chanacee Ruth-Killgore, Writer & Publisher. Twitter: @ChanaceeRK or