Poem – UNIVERSAL PALETTE (By Joseph Cavera)



Trim your palette of ink they decree

Royal Amethyst choirs send thee

Responses from reading notes from long ago is key

Gazing out, Viridian forests house a lush of trees

While behind me dances barrel-fulls of Mahogany monkeys

Burnt Sienna dunes seep strong tunes for free

And cobalt gears turn here by Warehouse Three

Drier now, Cinnabar volcanoes spout Obsidian ash at its knees

Seafoam rocks rock my socks so carefree

Aqua fills me with Crimson platelets as much as can be

Skyward, Vermillion space sends stars crashing into the sea

Is Earth’s Royal Blue enough for you? Should it be?

My eyes give rise to skies as indigo as I can see

After all these years I sit here writing, sipping tea.