Poem – UNTIL… (By Akeredolu Tope)


I welcome you on board
As we take a voyage
Through the fibers of time
As you journey with me
To the underlinnigs of my heart
Where you lay adorned
With diamond and brass

I have been a wondering soul
Going through roads unend
I have seen many phantom dreams
Dissolve into solid failures

On a mountain high
I see my dreams fly
Though wingless as a moth
Yet away it goes

It will return to you
On angel’s wings
When it must have perched
On the bays of Tigris

In the midst of the silent crowd
Lost in the vastness of an empty soul
Taken out of space
Like a fish bereft of aqua

I hope to drink from the ocean
Of dry wet dews of lost love
To be filled with hope
As water in the underbelly of the ocean

The flora that doted the meadow
The rain drops on the tongue of an angel
will little count
Until she stares with admiration
When she sticks her hand
Into mine on a moonlight night
As we walk our dream into light

In time’s endless torrent
I promise to be the rain
That washes off your river of tears
I promise to be the Aegean sea
That soaks up your dry Sahara

On Himalaya’s bossom where heavy souls
And their hopeless hopes meet face to face
With a cart on vayage to tomorrow
I hope to be the courier
The very ferrier who leads you into light

When an old noisy river snakes into your peace
Uprooting the roses of your tranquillity
Leaving you with empty shells
I hope to be the ray that soaks comfort
Into your fragile heart

In the night that is reserved for fire
In the twilight when the hangman
Prepares his noose
I hope to be the raven
The bringer of your salvation.


Author Bio:


Akeredolu Tope obtained his bachelor's degree in English language from Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko Ondo State in southwest Nigeria. He currently teaches English language at St Gregory's college ikare Akoko. He remains a committed socio literary critic. He has also research a popular faction JUST BEFORE DAWN by Kole Omotosho