Poem – WHO AM I? WHY AM I HERE? (By Ray Gallucci)




If we’ve a purpose to be on earth,

Then I must wonder: Why such a dearth

Of time elapsed during which we’ve been

Around supposedly since “The Sin?”


If we’re the reason the world exists,

Explain the many misguided twists

From one-celled creatures till we evolved.

Why took the puzzle so long to solve?


If was Creator who lit the spark

That triggered light from primeval dark,

And cosmos conjured for species ours,

Then who inhabits the other stars?


Did God exist when the dinosaurs

And our ancestors still uttered roars?

Why countless eons of time did waste

When could have “made us from dust” posthaste?


Appears quite logical to discard

Religious tenets.  Then why so hard

Believing we’re just a roll of dice

At Nature’s whim?  Answer won’t suffice.


So cling we to antiquated cults

Because not happier with results

Of modernism.  Thus, still we search

For revelation inside a church.


But to what deity should I kneel?

Mohammed, Jesus, or Buddha’s wheel?

Perhaps no matter since all are one

Who’ll disappear with the dying Sun.


Guess I’m too stubborn to just accept:

Who am I?  No one.  Not here, except

For accident of biology.

Can only hope I will someday see.



(published in MÖBIUS, THE POETRY MAGAZINE, Vol. 15, #1, p. 16;


Author Bio:

I am a Professional Engineer who has been writing poetry since 1990. I am an incorrigible rhymer, tending toward the skeptical/cynical regarding daily life. I have been fortunate to have been published in poetry magazines and on-line journals such as NUTHOUSE, MOTHER EARTH INTERNATIONAL, FEELINGS/POETS’ PAPER, MÖBIUS (when Jean Hull Herman published), PABLO LENNIS, MUSE OF FIRE, SO YOUNG!, THE AARDVARK ADVENTURER, POETIC LICENSE, THUMBPRINTS, UNLIKELY STORIES, BIBLIOPHILOS, FULLOSIA PRESS, NOMAD’S CHOIR, HIDDEN OAK, PABLO LENNIS, POETSESPRESSO, SOUL FOUNTAIN, WRITER’S JOURNAL, ATLANTIC PACIFIC PRESS, DERONDA REVIEW, LYRIC, THE STORYTELLER, WRITE ON! and DANA LITERARY SOCIETY.