Poem – COSMIC COINCIDENCES? (By Ray Gallucci)

  COSMIC COINCIDENCES?   TUNGUSKA (Tunguska Event: “The Tunguska event was an enormously powerful explosion that occurred near [and later struck] the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, at about 7:14 am. KRAT [00:14 UT] on June 30, 1908.” from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunguska_event)     What happened in Tunguska over century ago, Could happen anywhere on earth, and […]

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Poem – DISTURBING THE PEACE (By Ray Gallucci)

  DISTURBING THE PEACE (see “Velikovsky’s Ghost Returns – The Electric Universe,” by Michael Goodspeed [http://www.soulsofdistortion.nl/e_universe1.html])   Amazing how little we know Of history from so long ago Regarding our planets and sun And how what we’ve now had begun.   Accepted is theory that all Evolved from primordial ball Condensed down from hydrogen gas That fused to form sun’s […]

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Poem – Crimean Punishment (By Ray Gallucci)

CRIMEAN PUNISHMENT   Apparently,once the gods had fumed Atgrowing decadence, they were doomed. Nolonger culture pre-eminent, Atlantisunder the sea was sent.   Competingtheories have been put forth Ofancient civilization north Ofwhere the Black Sea has always lain Ononce quite fertile Crimean plain.   Onefaction claims Plato had it right – Atlantisvanished in just one night Whenearthquake cracked geologic flaw Releasingdeluge […]

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