Poem – Who Punctured The Roof (By Uduak Uwah)

And so the roof began to leak

And they all began to tremble in panic


To each his own

Clenching to whatever they stole


“The roof is not beyond repair”

“We can fix it if we all shared “

Yet none of them truly cared


Instead they raised their soiled fingers

And began to point at each other


“Who punctured the roof?”

“What were they trying to prove?”


“Who tried it first?”

“Was it out of hunger or thirst?”


When they themselves did

Out of selfish ambition and greed


And so the deed was done

And their troubles had only begun


Author Bio:

Uduak Uwah is an emerging Nigerian poet, lyricist and songwriter. He aims to convey life's/today's realities in simple and intriguing poetic language. Also known as whill, Uduak is currently working on his debut poetry collection "The Whole Truth". He has an archive of song demos and lyrics to his credit.