Poem – Why Won’t You Smile For Me (By David Hernandez)

Why Won’t You Smile For Me


I took a snapshot

at a place I hardly knew

of someone I almost grew close too.


Though it was night,

the stars gave me plenty of light.

I saw two women dressed in white,

with angelic wings, holding up his cross.

He was placed in a setting

where a broken fountain

turned into a flower bed for white lilies

tried to overpower the stone terrain.

I liked his purple coating;

it never made him feel sorrow.


What I didn’t like

was the smile turning into a frown,

the twitch in the eye,

the blood dripping from his skin,

and the same zombie expression

I keep getting every time I entered the church,

looking for a reason to make him smile.


I tried to get a full-time job

at Dish Network

as a receiving associate,

looked for someone single


and attempted to adopt

a sixteen-year old girl

with little success.


He still refuses to smile,

saying I’ve yet to obtain the experience.