Poem – WINTER’S REPRISE (By Joseph Cavera)

WINTER’S REPRISE (By Joseph Cavera)


I see ways gray days of frost form within

I see the expressions of people worn thin

I see the frozen flakes fall coldly slow

I see the winter winds seep and rise

I see them waltz and meander like fireflies

I see chilled places of wintry graces

I see crystalline caps further from here

Icy mountain peaks shroud their heads in fear


Icy dunes blanket fields under snow

Icy waves form glacial caves

Icy frost torn hearts see narrow shaves

Icy breaths freeze into sighs

Icy laces tie bows topping faces as

Icy tunes drifting slowly devise

Icy tones into Winter’s Reprise

I see the dark blue sky, with my dark brown eyes

And Never look away.


What do you see?