Poem – WIPEOUT OF 2033 (By Joseph Cavera)

WIPEOUT OF 2033 (By Joseph Cavera)


Golden ribbons flutter and fold down the sides

of the tallest building I have ever seen.

At the skyscraper’s peak, A tall man watches

His ramifications unfold down to the world below

his scythe is grander than any instrument of

teeming Death than any could possibly envision.

The clouds of Obsidian in their bed, sit high above this town

of Forsinth.

As the waves of gold reach the

Summit, blackness, in all its murkiness, springs forth-

wiping the blocks clean, bringing barren breaches

to devoid Desolation.

She accompanies him in the private suite, Atop the world,

No finer seats on Earth to watch it all