Poem – Word Bubbles (By JD DeHart)

Word Bubbles

Travel with me a moment
into a place where our thoughts
become action.  Yes, this sounds like
the introduction to a 60s science fiction
series.  Pardon me.

There are some ideas I wish to
keep secret.  They are my tangle of vines,
grounding me in reality.  Reminding me
that I don’t have to throat punch someone.
All I have to do is smile, listen, nod.
Adjust, move on.

But I love comic books, how
dialogue happens.  The lines are dotted
when the characters whisper, or
the words begin to fade.

I can see in a cloud above
someone’s head, their inner truth.
This might come in handy, but is there
a way to turn it off?  Ever?

Author Bio:

JD DeHart is a writer and teacher. His poems have appeared at Origami Poetry and Gargouille, among other publications. He blogs at


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