Poem – Word Bubbles (By JD DeHart)

Word Bubbles Travel with me a moment into a place where our thoughts become action.  Yes, this sounds like the introduction to a 60s science fiction series.  Pardon me. There are some ideas I wish to keep secret.  They are my tangle of vines, grounding me in reality.  Reminding me that I don’t have to throat punch someone. All I […]

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Poem – Take Two (By JD DeHart)

Take Two And this is why I love film.  No one stutters unless they mean to.  They represent themselves in the best take of all. I am a silent performer.  When I drive down the road, I belt out music like a professional.  I wish I hadn’t told you that. In my mind, there’s an auditorium. Figures from my past […]

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