Pope Francis Cures Cancer With Papal Kiss

Pope Francis Cures Cancer
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A Philadelphia baby has a new lease on life after a kiss from Pope Francis. Parents and followers believe that Pope Francis cures cancer simply by kissing this ailing infant.

It’s the kiss Gianna Masciantonio’s parents call the Miracle on Market St.  They insist the quick kiss during the pontiff’s recent visit to the city is partially responsible for her quick recovery.

One-year-old Gianna has a rare inoperable brain tumor.  Her blood cells attacked her brain stem just weeks after her birth.

The Masciantonio family showed up for the papal parade in front of Independence Hall two months ago expecting maybe a quick glance at the pope.  But what happened after the pope stopped to kiss their baby may have changed their lives.


“You can hardly see the tumor. It’s just the blur,” Kristen Masciantonio says.  “She’s getting better and stronger.  She’s blowing kisses.  She’s starting to point at things.”

“I think this is all from God.  I believe the pope is a messenger from God,” Joey Masciantonio says.

Gianna was named for St. Gianna, a modern day saint who died in 1962.

Parents claim Pope's kiss cured baby of brain tumor

A couple from Pennsylvania is crediting Pope Francis for curing their baby girl of a brain tumor, after he kissed her head during his visit to the U.S. in September. David Spunt of the CBS affiliate KYW has more.