The truth about ‘secular’ America

American culture is sick, and secularism is the cause of our disease. That, said Steve Chapman, is the contention of religious conservatives like presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who insist that feminists, liberals, and gay marriage have undermined traditional morality, and that only a return to our Christian roots will cure what ails us. But all evidence suggests that this view […]

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Louisiana Wants Bible To Be Official State Book

■ Louisiana lawmakers are considering legislation that makes the Holy Bible the “official state book.”The legislation was opposed by some Democrats—not because it suggests the state’s endorsement of one religion, but because it originally specified the King James version, which some Christians do not use. “Why not put all versions of the Bible?” suggested state Rep. Robert Billiot.

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Religious Cleansing in Saudi Arabia

Khafji, Saudi Arabia Christian roundup: Saudi authorities last week arrested an entire congregation of Christians worshipping in a private home. The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Saudi Arabia’s morality police, detained 28 men and women in the home of an Indian national and seized copies of the Bible. The prisoners’ fate is unknown. Saudi Arabia […]

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