Autism caused by packaging chemicals?

Packaging materials causing autism

Nine out of 10 Americans have a chemical called bisphenol A in their urine, said Nicholas D. Kristof. BPA, which can be found in plastic food containers, soup can linings, ATM receipts, and many other consumer products, is a proven “endocrine disruptor”—a substance that mimics or alters human hormones. Studies have already linked BPA to breast cancer, diabetes, and hyperactivity, […]

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The sad state of warehoused children

Russian orphanages are a scandal, said Jennifer Rankin. State institutions house nearly 400,000 children, a population larger than many cities. But less than one third of these children are actually orphans. Many “fall into the system when their parents, often fighting a losing battle with alcohol or drugs,” lose their parental rights. Even more of them—nearly half the total—have disabilities, […]

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Can Children Grow Out of ADHD?

ADHD (Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder) is known to affect the child’s ability to pay attention. A study found that 1/3 of the children in the study did have ADHD when they became adults.  It also may find that when they are adults, they may also have other psychic problems, more likely to get arrested, or likely to commit suicide. The children […]

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