The Fatty Downside of Soda

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Diet pop might not have the sugar and calories found in normal sodas, however individuals who drink it every day frequently wind up with fatter stomachs. A study in the Diary of the American Geriatrics Society followed 749 individuals over the age of 65 for nine years, and found that regular diet soda consumers picked up about three times as much stomach fat as the individuals who didn’t touch the drink. Expanding waistlines are especially troubling on the grounds that stomach fat is connected with an expanded danger of unending health issues, similar to coronary illness and type-2 diabetes. Researchers are still researching why diet soft drinks are connected with weight pick up. It may be the case that individuals who switch to low-calorie soda imagine that implies they can “have an additional slice of pizza or a piece of candy,” says study lead creator Sharon Fowler, of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Those individuals may end up devouring a greater number of calories than if they’d simply had a regular soda. On the other hand, Fowler says, the high acidity of diet soft drinks could kill off certain gut microorganisms, evolving how the body forms sustenance. “Calorie free does not meet outcome free.”