It’s Not Easy Being Green

City officials in Chengdu, China, have been painting the city’s grass green to make residents think spring is here.The ruse came to light when some residents noticed unpainted patches of yellowish winter grass, and others found the green paint coming off on their shoes.  The city was then forced to admit its deception, but an official said the goal was simply […]

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Elephant Poaching – Slaughtered For Their Tusks

Elephant Poaching

Elephant Poaching – Slaughtered For Their Tusks Warning: This article contains graphic images of elephants being slaughtered. Gaborone, Botswana States where the illegal ivory trade operates agreed to tougher measures to try to stop the slaughter of African elephants for their tusks. The African Elephant Summit in Botswana brought together negotiators from elephant habitat countries Gabon, Kenya, Niger, and Zambia; […]

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How Pot Affects Driving

Reduced awareness Brain imaging shows that it’s harder for people who are high to focus on several things at once, such as a changing stoplight, an approaching bicycle and a car signaling a turn. Hallucinations Research is sparse, but pot-related cases can happen and are an “underappreciated” threat on the road. Slower decisions Being high can impair users’ executive function and problem-solving […]

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