Poem – AFTER THE FACT (By Ray Gallucci)




The mystery of history

Reduces all to sophistry

If fecklessly, not skeptically,

Accept we its validity.


Did Kennedy form strategy

Preventing Cuban tragedy

When quarantined Fidel at sea?

Or was it serendipity?


Did atom bomb need dropping on

To-be-defeated-soon Nippon,

Because Japan, to its last man,

Would fight invasion hand-to-hand?


Was Civil War a struggle for

The cleansing of the rotten core

That nation bore for years four-score?

Or just excuse to pillage more?


Was Reign of Terror just an error?

Did France ever really care for

Freedom’s air in country where

Napoleon seized Louie’s chair?


Crusaders called because appalled

Were Christians at Islamic gall?

Or just a foil to gather spoils

Enriching European halls?


Were Ages Dark so bleak and stark,

Where only Norsemen would embark?

No people smart, no works of art,

Just peasants working ox and cart?


Did Arthur rule, or are we fools

Believing legends only fueled

By Medieval authors who

Concocted tales to read in school?


Were Romans saved when Leo Great

“Convinced” Attila to abate?

Or just the latest twist of fate

He drowned in blood while bedding mate?


Did Alexander once philander,

Not with goose, but with a gander?

Or just slander meant to pander

To the Hollywooden banter?


Was horse that breached the Trojan keep

Because of clever Greek deceit?

Or tremors deep in earth beneath

That crumbled all into a heap?


When re-examine feast or famine

Vested with historic sanction,

May determine hidden vermin

Lie behind supposed-closed curtain.