Poem – Cold Water Raining between Them (By Donal Mahoney)

Cold Water Raining between Them
Annie has a nice washing machine now 
but she remembers the one her
mother had with the wringer,
the old-fashioned kind.
Her mother took in washing and when 
the washing machine would break 
Annie would become half the wringer.
Mother would hold the waist of wet pants
and Annie would grip the cuffs and 
they’d twist in opposite directions,
the cold water raining between them. 
Each pair of farmer’s pants 
put food on the table. With six kids
food was important. To this day Annie
smiles when she remembers her
Mother never had to use a pants 
stretcher in winter to make
her ironing a little bit easier.
She’d hang the pants out in the yard
and they’d freeze straight on the line. 

Author Bio:

donal-mahoney Donal Mahoney lives in St. Louis, Missouri. He has had fiction and poetry published in various publications in the U.S. and elsewhere. Among them are The Galway Review (Ireland), The Recusant (England), The Missing Slate (Pakistan), Guwahatian Magazine (india), Bluepepper (Australia), The Osprey Journal (Wales), Public Republic (Bulgaria), and The Istanbul Literary Review (Turkey). Some of his earliest work can be found at and some of his newer work at