Poem – Misanthrope at Sunset Manor (By Donal Mahoney)

  Even as a child Charles couldn’t forgive other children not for something they had done  but rather for who they were. They were inferior and couldn’t help it, his parents both agreed. Charles couldn’t stand any of them. This continued his entire life.   Charles almost married a woman  he had hired only to discover later  she wasn’t perfect, no better than the little people he had hired to wrap and mail thousands […]

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Poem – Salt and Pepper (By Donal Mahoney)

Salt and Pepper   White privilege it’s called and recently I learned its name although I’ve been white as a sheet for decades. Like breathing and eating I take  white privilege for granted.  I push a cart through a megastore in bib overalls and no one follows me and when I hail a cab in a snow storm, it picks me up. My freckles may be a stop sign.   Not so […]

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Poem – A Puzzling Marriage (By Donal Mahoney)

A Puzzling Marriage   Married 60 years Fred and Daisy still are very different people.   All day long they hide their differences to make their marriage last but every night after supper they let them out silently.   Fred in his recliner works  a crossword puzzle while Daisy in the dining room works a jigsaw puzzle   but neither Fred nor Daisy  speaks a word until one has finished and howls […]

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