Short Story – Finding a Refugee a Home (By Donal Mahoney)

Fuzzy (Carol Bales)

Finding a Refugee a Home   Fuzzy wasn’t my cat although I fed him every morning at four o’clock for 10 years.   He was my wife’s cat, loved to sit on her lap, be petted, jump down and rub his head against her feet.   He was a Maine Coon cat who arrived at our door as a refugee without papers or a green card. Probably was a pet once; someone […]

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Poem – Big Bang for Little Billy (By Donal Mahoney)

Big Bang for Little Billy   This was the first Christmas Billy was old enough to speak  when he saw his gifts  under the sparkling tree. His parents were waiting to hear what he’d say. Billy laughed and jumped and clapped his hands.  With a big smile, he shouted “Santa brought me these!”  Then Daddy picked Billy up, bounced him on his knee  and whispered […]

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