Poem – Morning Coffee Can Be So Important (By Donal Mahoney)

A tragedy happened to Willie and Millie after years of marriage. All their kids were doing well  and had nice families of their own   but tragedy struck one dawn before  Willie had had his morning coffee. Millie was on her third cup and Willie said Millie looked at him the wrong way   and Willie asked, “What’s that look all about, Millie, what did I do now?” […]

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Poem – Martha and Mel Wait for the Elevator (By Donal Mahoney)

I died from a rattlesnake bite and found myself in line with other zombies in front of a bank  of elevators, the doors opening  and closing as if by metronome.   Every time a door opened a voice called the names of 12 zombies who boarded the elevator single file. As the doors closed, Led Zeppelin  or Bing Crosby played in the background depending on whether the […]

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