Poem – FALL OF A SMALL MAMMAL (By Joseph Cavera)



I walked one day in Southampton, free

Along a path of verdance, lovely

Sky freeing the sun to glance at me

So I may perchance a sliver of his glee


Ambling on, one left for each right

While keeping my pace sunny light

I encountered upon an unusual sight

One which left me scarcely affright


Down the path there came a breeze

Frictioned constriction swelled a seize

A small squirrel fell from the trees

Seconds he stared, then ran past my knees


How unusual, I thought, for one to fall from up there

And what of me caused our rodent friend’s stare?

Is he interested in the clothes I wear?

Certainly not, why would he care?


What brings felicity to a rodent’s brow?

Is it the thought of frugivorous chow?

Perhaps a lofty leap, then and now

And from that extract a passerby’s “wow”


Their lives are fraught with simpler things

No complex thoughts, extrasensory pings

While I saw a squirrel glide down with her wings

She saw the ground coming faster than anything

And staring at me, saw the story she’d bring

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