Poem – Plainly Insanely (By Ray Gallucci)



Insanity’s defined as doing many times

Exactly as before, expecting different ends.

Like beating horses dead, expecting to revive

But never with success, yet still repeating trend.


When process rules the roost, can never deviate

No matter if it makes unquestioned logic to.

For once the grooves are set, no possible escape

Like chariots from ruts in roads of Roman ruins.


Since trains must follow tracks, their destination’sfixed,

While planes con mostly go wherever they can land.

So if hard place and rock you find yourselfbetwixt,

Just plead insanity, and earn no reprimand.


About Ray Gallucci: I am a Professional Engineer who has been writing poetry since 1990. I am an incorrigible rhymer, tending toward the skeptical/cynical regarding daily life. I have been fortunate to have been published in poetry magazines and on-line journals such as NUTHOUSE, MOTHER EARTH INTERNATIONAL, FEELINGS/POETS’ PAPER, MÖBIUS (when Jean Hull Herman published), PABLO LENNIS, MUSE OF FIRE, SO YOUNG!, THE AARDVARK ADVENTURER, POETIC LICENSE, THUMBPRINTS, UNLIKELY STORIES, BIBLIOPHILOS, FULLOSIA PRESS, NOMAD’S CHOIR, HIDDEN OAK, PABLO LENNIS, POETSESPRESSO, SOUL FOUNTAIN, WRITER’S JOURNAL, ATLANTIC PACIFIC PRESS, DERONDA REVIEW, LYRIC, THE STORYTELLER, WRITE ON! and DANA LITERARY SOCIETY.